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Your book is a treasure :-) the kids love it. Alex is getting a toy kitchen from Santa 
and that will be a perfect compliment to a book about real food that is really fun 
And my kids love to read, so I think I will let them experience it’s cuteness, and then 
they will end up asking me if we can do one of the projects, right?
J. M Las Vegas

Let&#39;s Play With Food - Celebrate the Seasons Cookbook, Art Project, Story Book, 100% Delicious for a limited time, and exclusively here, autographed editions:  
Please send an email to: eg@elainegoodfood.com for an autographed copy of the book. Please include how many copies you would like, how you would like the book dedicated, and where you would like to have the book shipped. You will receive a Pay Pal Invoice for your purchase. Thank you for your continued support.

Not only do children eat healthier when they participate in meal preparation, but self-relience creates self confidence.

This delightful cookbook for 2-8 year olds and their associates is filled with fun, healthy recipes; easy-to-handle food cartoons entice even the pickiest eaters.

Seasonal Recipes are FULLY BALANCED MEALS and Snacks of art plates of food:
Spring: Lambs and Bunnies; Go Bunny Go; Rock-A-Bye-Baby
Summer: Sunny Day; Daughter of a Bee; Fireworks Pizza; Queenie Sun; Lady Bug Lunch;
Lady Bug Cupcakes
Autumn: Witch Way; Ghostesses; School Bus; Smashed Pumpkin; Vampire 2 Devour; Zombie
Winter: A bag of Snow; Ben's Penguin; Stevie 3 D or not 3 D Snowman

Elaine Good has been a nursery school teacher, a mentor to teen girls, and an executive chef at market research facilities where, in addition to creating organic meals for her corporate clients she has conducted controlled taste tests for everything from fruit to hot dogs for over ten years.

Elaine has also worked as a day-chef at hotels, hospitals, celebrity events and a meal delivery processing facility in Los Angeles. Eating at work put her taste buds and digestive tract on overload. Born allergic to dairy, Elaine began to develop gluten, dairy and sugar free recipes for herself. These meals became so refined that she tried them out on her corporate clients, these dishes were met with unsolicited rave reviews and recipe requests; it’s one thing to think you’re eating ‘diet food’ and another to compare it to what we think of as classic fine food. Elaine's reputation grew and she was asked to become a personal chef preparing gluten, dairy and sugar free calorie based meals for self-proclaimed foodie Bradley Cooper: 'I can't wait to see what you've made me, every meal is like Christmas morning!"

Exasperated with the "I don't like that" response from her grandchildren when looking at a plate of food that didn’t come through a window in a box or from a mix out of a box, Elaine decided to get creative in a whole new way. That is how the play in Let’s Play With Food happened. From throwing full plates of food away to phone calls enthusiastically asking "What are we making for lunch tomorrow?" the first step in a series teaching children the connection of body+food=energy.

All recipes are gluten, dairy, sugar and guilt free. Learn the shortcuts and the way to get children engaged in making unprocessed food that they will love. Develop the pallet of a young child and they will make healthy food choices the habit of a lifetime. These meals bring children happily to the table and eating healthy.


Summer: Fireworks Pizza       Winter: 3-D Stevie the Snowman    Autumn: Smashed Pumpkin

  Spring: Kitty Quesadilla 
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