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Home of HERBLENDS A Fusion of Signature Flavors 49 perfectly blended spices and herbs, free of salt or sugar. 4 jars replace 49 jars of spices and the guesswork.Herblends-Hertaliana, Heroccan, Hercajun, Herspanic, Herspanic Smokey, Herspanic Spicy
Take the guesswork out of seasoning with perfectly blended expiration free powders. Expiration free powders, suitable for all applications of flavoring: marinade, dredging, soups, sauces,
dressings, dips, dry rub, batter, topping. Perfect on fish, poultry,meat, fruit, vegetables. HERTALIANA, HEROCCAN, HERCAJUN, HERSPANIC, HERSPANIC SMOKEY, HERSPANIC SPICY
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Recipe of the Month-APRIL Turmeric Potatoes and Garbanzo Beans   

Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory, this means that will make you lose 'water weight' or pain brought on by allergies, hormones or surgery or injury.     

This is an exotic vegan dish made from ingredients that can be found everywhere. Simple and quick to make, with a flavor profile associated with experienced ethnic cooks.         425 Calories 


Who We Are
This isn't a Trend, it just makes good sense.

This dietary life style is not new, although it is newsworthy: this is a way of avoiding 'over-processed foods'. Whole grains, organic produce and a variety of proteins make recipes good2eat4U.

By eliminating the empty calories, found in over processed foods we avoid gluten, dairy and sugar. Old world, real ingredients are easily found in ethnic sections of supermarkets.

There are over 300 possible symptoms of gluten sensitivity, this is a list of 45 diseases and symptoms that are currently offered the hope of maintaining a healthy life and managementof these debilitating disorders by maintaining a gluten and dairy free diet is recom- mended for the ones with an Asterisk.

The conditions listed without an asterisk are currently being proven to benefit with this dietary lifestyle that is free-from gluten, dairy and sugar eliminating over processed foods.

*Arthritis *Autism *Attention deficit disorder (ADD) *ADHD Anemia *Inflammation (the leading cause of pain) *Multiple sclerosis *Irritable bowel syndrome, (IBS; colitis) *Fibromyalgia

Raynaud's phenomenon *Scleroderma *Lupus *Thyroid disease Epilepsy Type 1 Diabetes *Celiac Disease *Autoimmune diseases Neurological problems *Migraines

*Chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IB) Sjögren’s syndrome *Rheumatoid arthritis *Systemic lupus erythematous *Hashimoto’s thyroiditis *Diarrhea, constipation, *Gas, cramps, bloating

Psychiatric issues Behavioral issues Seizures Memory issues Brain fog Depression Fatigue Ataxia (muscle coordination disorder) Skin Conditions such as: Exzema Psoriasis Acne Rashes

*Crohn’s disease *Ulcerative Colitis *Lupus *Hyperthyroidism *Chronic Thyroiditis Female Infertility Hashimoto's thyroiditis Chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis Autoimmune thyroiditis.

Skill Levels for Cooks

Code for Chefs

The Cooks Code breaks down our recipes into three different skill levels so you can easily find meals that you can make!

Which level are you in?

Cod for Cooks

Our simple to follow recipes include the opportunity of group meal preparation for cooks as well as novice chefs no matter what their age or skill set.

Not only do our children eat healthier when they participate in meal preparation, but self-relience creates self confidence. 

The food our recipes make is better for you and it tastes much better than what you've been eating. As an added bonus you will feel and look better in a few weeks. People will notice, but not before you see and feel the change in yourself! 

Is this a tough diet to follow? Not really, we have organized shopping list to help you turn your kitchen around. We even have lists to get your kitchen equipped for cooking, Other lists help you know foods to avoid that you may not think of as containing dairy or gluten, this will help you know what to order when you're eating out.  

We also offer snacks for between meals and before or after workouts that will help you avoid empty calorie grazing just to fill up. Our Eat Our Daily list helps you keep track of what nutritional groups your whole family is eating, this will make your dietary short-comings obvious.

We will continue to add elements to the site to make it as easy as possible for food to be prepared in your home, sophisticated enough for company and quick and easy enough for children to be involved.

We offer many variations in most of our recipes, because the real joy of cooking is making things you love to eat the way you love them to taste. We welcome you to discover all that good2eat4U has to offer.

Membership Benefits

Ur membership protects 
all and any personal 
information that wobtain 
from being given or sold to an outside source for any 
reason, unlike 'free' recipes 
that are available on-line, 
(well, how are they paying 
their bills?).

Whether U're an experienced
chef or have never cooked a
thing in Ur life, good2eat4U
is here to get U started in a 
diet that is Free From: gluten,
dairy, sugar and salt.

For a mere $2. a month U will have access 2: 

 • Delicious Recipes from our library that are Free From the additives in packaged and restaurant meals and 
snacks that are bad 4 us all. (Because what we eat is only the good stuff.)

• A discount for hands-on Cooking Workshops 4 adults
and children and both. 

Our Daily Needs chart, 
printed 2 be carried with U or put put in a  place for the family,
2 keep track of dietary intake
 and eating habits.

• Members receive Nutritional 
Newsletters every month with info to help U decide how 2 maintain a healthy diet that works best for U. 

Full access to Ad-Free Videos of cooking demonstrations,
by our own T 'nT chefs, teens
mastering the recipes sight
unseen for the first time.

• Even professional cooks are amazed at the amount of information they have gained from our Chef Tips and Safety Tips .

•  Members receive e-mails with
links to the Eat In Dinner
Party featured  recipes monthly.

•  The Basics are short cuts 2 achieve classic flavor-
full elements used 2 get a 
meal ready in minutes. 
These are adaptations that contain all the flavor of the originals without gluten,dairy or 
sugar and very little salt.

•  The good2buy4U section contains shopping lists, the 
tools and ingredients that are essential 2 organize Ur meal that 
help U get started converting U
Ur kitchen free from over processed foods and to help keep U keep organized to eliminate waste.

• Our good2blog4U, invites U to 
2 share experiences that 
make a healthy and happy life style easier.

• Unpaid for and unsolicited reviews of gluten, dairy and sugar free products.
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Tasha and Tessa are the wonderful TnT chefs! They will help you navigate safely and happily through the kitchen so that you can make the best meals possible! You'll see them making it for the first time with all their fears and failures and working them into success.
Cooking is more fun with a friend. Check out their stories and how they came to be young cooking whiz kids.

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