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Extremely Flavorful and Extremely Healthy

Herblends-Hertaliana, Heroccan, Hercajun, Herspanic, Herspanic Smokey, Herspanic Spicy HERBLENDS Order Here    HERBLENDS are a fusion of ethnic signature flavors in powder form. Perfect as is or add fresh herbs on fish, grain, poultry, meat, fruit and vegetables.

Hertaliana, Heroccan, Hercajun, Herspanic, Herspanic Smokey, Herspanic Spicy and our new HERSWEETIE All contain herbs that eliminate cravings for salt and sugar and include anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidents.


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Recipe of the Month
Classic Coleslaw       

July is the time of year when you can shut off the stove and fire up the grill, maybe even hand off the cooking baton! Let's take the heat off the stove and onto the plate with coleslaw seasoned with Herblends Herspanic Spicy or NOT! Herspanic Smokey or the original Herspanic works just as well, with or without mayo.

         Featured recipe: Classic Coleslaw

Classic Coleslaw




Who We Are

I am now calling this healthy diet  
'conscious eating'. By choosing whole 
grains, higher in protein and nutrition
than gluten based processed foods, 
easier digestion and clearer thinking 
is achieved.

This way of eating replaces empty 
calories found in processed 
foods with authentic flavor in
Organic foods. Real foods, grown 
locally are the cornerstones
for energy.

Dairy, high in saturated fat, 
is replaced with trans-fats that 
give power to the brain and make
skin gorgeous. Natural sweeteners 
replace sugar and glycemic swings.
Low sodium fights inflammation.

There are over 300 possible 
symptoms of gluten sensitivity, 
this is a list of 45 diseases and
symptoms that are offered the 
hope of maintaining a healthy 
life with this diet.

WHY this makes good sense.



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Avocado Beautiful People Food
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Our simple to follow recipes include group meal preparation for cooks and novice chefs, no matter what their age or skill set. Put down the gadgets and get back to happy.

The Cooks Code breaks down our 
recipes into three skill levels so U 
can easily find meals that U can 
Cooks Codes are listed headings 
of all our recipes..

Which level are U?

Cod for Cooks

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  • Delicious Recipes from our Members Only  library are made out of only the good stuff: Old World Ingredients with short cuts for a modern lifestyle.
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Whether U're experienced  or have never cooked a thing in   Ur life, good2eat4 is here to get  U started in a delicious and healthy diet that is Free From: over processed foods including gluten, dairy, sugar, salt. U will absolutely feel and see the difference.

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Featured Video of the month

Video recipe for blueberry muffins

Tasha and Tessa make pesto pronto!

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